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WIND International  Film Festival

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WIND has over 90 categories for all type of filmmakers who want to participate from all over the globe with no limitation of age sex or religion.

We are empowering many goals of United Nations such as Youth education, Women Empowerment sexual equality, help youth mental growth. Therefore we welcome LGBT filmmakers and humanitarian and inspiration works.

W.I.N.D.International Film Festival is one of the main activities of the of

the WORLD CINEMA ACADEMY, INC, a non-profit organization with IMDB qualification designed to promote all filmmakers, entrepreneurs leaders, innovators...


WIND International Film Festival is an open gate to the Oscars for women and people of diverse backgrounds. The Award ceremony of the 11th edition of the WIND International film festival will be held from December 20th to 23rd 2019

in  4 different magnificent areas of Hollywood.

The final and fixed awarding show dates and address, will be published by 15th of November.

WIND is famous as  " WOMEN’s OSCARS", which celebrates best film, Music, Avant-guards, best fashion designers, top worldwide dancers, singers, Scripts, music, humanitarian works..

Any one with is welcomed especially women talents with positive energy in leadership to inspire all.



W = Women

I = Inspire

N = New

D = Directions


WIND is an IMDB qualifying film festival in Hollywood with over 90 categories for all local and international filmmakers and talents. 


The festival attracts celebrities, talents, models, actors, media journalists, civic and community leaders, film crews and film enthusiasts from around the globe. Previous years have attracted appearances from Hollywood's celebrities and other special guests including several Emmys, Golden Globes, Grammies, Oscars, and winners! We are proud to have many returning as W.I.F.F. enthusiasts!


Submission is open for all filmmakers around the globe to participate and be honored as award winners. 

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