The WIND International Film

Festival statuette known as the Woman's Oscar is a 24K gold-plated statue mounted on a Top A line Crystal base. 

A beautiful comparison to the oscars trophy but designed to portray the Woman in her elegance. The statuette is truly a work of art and elegance.

The best feature film of the year will receive a WIND international Sponsorship valued at over $10,000.


WIND International Film Festival will send press releases to national media outlets representing thousands of recipients as well as a database of over 10 million industry professionals.

If you are nominated and want  to receive the WIND Festival 24-karat Gold-plated limited edition Trophy and/or have your film/work screened,  you simply need to pre-register with a suitable VIP package by Oct 10th, 2017.

Festival sponsors top 10 works each year to  receive this precious trophy . Top best 10 works will be screened with the festival cost .

Festival sponsorship package is worth of up to $10.000 for the winner of the year.


Lucky additional winners


The most honored prize of the WIND International Film Festival awarded to the jurors' top 10 of the best overall film or works at  the festival cost.

Festival may email some eligible nominees to have them as back up  winners in a case if top 10 selected filmmakers cannot attend festival .Back up filmmakers need to apply and pre-order it not later than two weeks before festival.

Those lucky back up winners will be treated special and will be promoted fairly throughout the year in all of festival social media partners and websites and magazines with the festival cost.The festival some times act as distributor and agent to help you out.

We suggest filmmakers apply in multiple categories to increase their chance of wining or being nominated in more categories.Top 10 best will be usually from those who apply and are being nominated in more than 5 categories.

Those who are being selected or nominated cannot have free screening or award but if they attend they get the certificate of participation.
Some of nominees also may have the opportunity of  screening their film /work if they cover the cost .

Our festival can act as distribution for premier or screening or showcasing your work.
Top sponsored prizes vary from year to year with the contributions offered from that year's partners.This year we are pleased to announce you 
  ,"World Cinema Academy", will sponsor 10 of the best filmmakers to attend in master workshops worth of $1000 for each plus top three filmmakers will be given opportunity to shoot in Hollywood film studio for three days free of charge to use equipments that worth of at least  $10.000 value in the studio.Condition may applies.These awards and sponsorship will be given only to those who attend festival!.

Festival might represent many other awards by various Sponsored Festival prizes (prizes and values vary from year to year and aren't usually secured until closer to the event). The dollar value fluctuates each year dependent upon what our generous sponsors offer in the form of industry packages, services, and gifts. Any one except the top 10 of the best works are never promised to receive a prizes other than our official certificate, if they attend festival .
Anything additional depends on our sponsors' generosity. 

Audience Choice Award (For Your Category): 
Sponsors have given camera/equipment packages, script writing software and more... Sponsored Festival prizes (prizes and values vary from year to year and aren't usually secured until closer to the event). This category is not promised to receive prizes as it depends on our sponsors' generosity. 
Goods/Services Value: Past festivals have been up to $30,000 (US dollars) worth of prizes.

There will be one great prize for the best feature film.The top feature film will receive up to $10.000 of services  and a surprize check!

Nominees are not final winners .We strongly suggest nominees to attend festival  for the great networking opportunities we have for you .You never know you might be discovered and get your big break through our festival .

We encourage you to invite all of your friends,family members and fan to watch /hear your worksWe give you this platform and you need to take advantage of these three days gala.If you live out of USA you need to contact us by a month or two ahead of time for invitation.

Each single filmmaker need to have their entry pass by applying before festival deadline.No one without the badge is allowed to get in for privacy of our celebrity filmmakers and special guests.

Please apply sooner as seats are limited .

You are contributing the cost of the event and we love to thank you to be one of our precious supporter as well.

We hope you understand if you are the winner it should not affect your career and try harder to achieve your dream come true.Festival has limited capacity for 10 of the best works and thank you for understanding.

We love to see you in person in Hollywood


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Best of luck and see you

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