Read it carefully several times before traveling ! You need to act upon it by October 15th 2017  


All nominees need to buy one of the festival  VIP packages by Feb 10th  to be able to attend. 

Hollywood is one of the top 10 expensive and luxury city in the world.  It is a busy  city with full of  entertaining people and area that you must to see .It has amazing restaurant for dinning and many night clubs and shopping malls  you can go.

This city is surrounded by mountains and oceans .You do not want to miss Hollywood sign for sure and  walking on walk  of the fame  signs and see amazing  wax museum , Madame Tussauds in Hollywood also Getty Museum . This is a happy city with hot weather. We strongly suggest you book the hotel as earliest as you can.  Your check out should be not later than 4 day of arrival .If you need invitation letter let us know after being nominated.



If You need Invitation Letter, After your pay for your package ,we will send you an invitation letter to use it if you need to apply for your entry visa.



Super 8 hotel

1-  These two hotels  are the closest and cheapest we have found  for you but you can stay in other hotels if you want and if they are  full.

Always check different hotels to see which one you like better.





Hotel address : 7541 Laurel Canyon Blvd, North Hollywood, CA, 91605, United States of America, ‏‎

Phone: 855-238-1592

2-Another  2 star, cheep close by hotel.   Click on the link below

Ramada Inn Burbank Airport
2900 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA, 91504, United States of America, ‏‎855-239-9225

Good site for finding hotels:






Please find the airport  location where you land to the hotel before arrival and know it .Most international flights land in L.A.X  airport.


Cheep taxi are:

You need to register before they arrival. They are mostly in any area and get you in less than 10 minutes  to any where you want with affordable price. They are on line taxi services and you need to have the application on your phone plus credit card to pay them






2- Lyft

3- Shuttle

You can pay them by cash or credit

4- Call  taxi from airport

Exchanging money

Press have your currency changed from your country to save time and get better rate in exchanging here or you can do in Airport.

Dress Code :

If you are a lady Please bring 3 gowns and party dress, you need to be very pretty .It is fun days full of celebrity photographers and live video recording that will be sent to all around the world. You do not know what is next surprise. Be ready and look amazing  as though you are getting ready for your wedding. See the festival trailer to see how our previous filmmakers used to dress. To get better idea. We love to see you better than them this year. Also bring two formal dress for Press private interview if you have the Gold or Diamond package.

If you are a gentleman. same advise to you but bring three different suits and Tuxedo

1-Two DVD of best high quality of the film for Director/Producer section

2-It is always best you come with your crew or talents because in our Question and Answer session you will have receive many attention from Press and public to vote on your work and it helps your work/Film/or you to be elevated to higher level.

Poster of the film ,You need to have  a big size such as 24 by 50 inches printed poster with you please.Most filmmakers will add logo of festival and laurel on the poster and frame it and bring it to promote their work through out three day events or red carpets.We will have many reporters around you and it is great of you make it .See the sample of poster at bottom of page you nee  to have on with you on 23rd and 24th of Feb.Please have it framed as though it can stand alone beside you on red carpet.
Head shot of nominees:

Some back stage shots
Send us a link of your trailer through you Tube


Send us a testimonial link by two weeks before festival.


on the subject line on you tube please mention like this  ;Your name+Your work+WIND International Film Festival like


Alex Barani, nominees as best Actor for “WIND International Film Festival”


Sara Kazemi , nominee as best singer in the film for “WIND International Film Festival”

You need to send all information on time to be considered and programmed.Please make sure you have answered them all and send them in one email.

You need to pay the enrollment fee not later than Feb 18th .

Best of luck and we hope to see you soon in our amazing festival in Hollywood.





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