Welcome to W.I.F.F!

We would like to cordially thank you for your interest in our unique film festival. Our festival is a non-profit organization and could not run properly without your help, dedication, and energy. Enthusiastic and devoted volunteers staff each show, and your involvement doesn't end there!

*Please note completing 2 shifts, 14 hours in total, will earn you 4 free tickets. Volunteering 20 hours in a week elevates you to be a part of our part time dedicated members group and submits you for a free membership to get to into private Red Carpet Events, valued at $5000 per year. You will also get a chance to be hired by our fast growing company and gain referrals after completing a 4-6 month program with our company part time.

*Our international filmmakers are a great source for you to get a chance to be seen over sears as well.

We are a unique enterprise because not only do we run this incredible film festival, but we also produce films and videos for TV and Cinema through our winners and volunteers. Be a part of this amazing community and elevate yourself!

We only accept a few numbered volunteers in each section annually.

Please read the following carefully.

Volunteer positions are unpaid, except for a few commission based salary volunteer positions. The experience you will gain and notoriety far surpasses the value for these positions. Internship credit is given, and your school can be contacted for further details on this matter. Our company will provide a letter of recommendation that is a must in this industry and a wonderful thing to have in any industry to ensure your work ethic in future employment. You will also gain IMDB credit and start connecting with amazing people with similar passions and interests, boosting your success. We teach the school of life, something far more valuable than what you can learn in any classroom.

We are seeking volunteers for help needed, Help is weekdays, weeknights, and weekends. You can also sign up to be on-call for shifts that need to be filled the same day or for special projects that would need on site support. We have some very special projects that are quite unique and are always looking for the right people to help out. Please attach your resume, a profile photo, as well as a letter of recommendation.

 Some of the job opportunities :


Assistant to Director: Helping the director in many duties such as contacting different companies by phone or E-mail in rush times.

Event Support: ushering, greeting, food prep, running the register, serving beverages, and other event-specific tasks.

Office Support: print transcript, maintaining archives, reception, data entry and technical assistance.

Media : photographing and videotaping events

Crafting & Party Planning: decorating the theatre, making event-specific crafts, brainstorming ideas, bringing out all the fun.

Street Team: distributing flyers and calendars all over the town.

.Security Team: controlling inside theatre, entrance and exit.

Editing: work with the editorial team, pulling clips and preparing material.

Motion Graphic Designers: Help with editing documents,. Create posters and logos. 3D logos ,Animated  logos.Qualification for internship credits.Great opportunity to be hired for our company.

.Public Relation : Making reports, interviews, publishing in different media, and on line. Qualification for internship credits.Finding sponsors . Create posters and logos. Qualification for internship credits.

Marketing: Identifying sponsors and spreading the news. Great to work on social medias,create attention and traffic , Posting on all social media daily,respond to fans ,calling companies and shopping to find donors and investors,Great in telemarketing ,great in public appearance.Qualification for internship credits.


Magazine Editor:To edit magazine, be able to work with different editing and essential soft wares


Researchers:Finding latest ,amazing news


Reporters:Live interview with celebrities , guests and filmmakers


Host:Introduce our filmmakers and celebrities on our live event.It is a very crucial job ,it requires a great personality,Charming , Attractive, smart,fluent in English


Interpreters:Tell us how many languages you speak,We need you for our international filmmakers to help them as interpreter on set and accompany them some times .Also we need you for subtitling our films.


Colorist: One who knows editing software and coloring such as Da Vinci..


Videographer: Taking videos for our red carpet events.We pay for your VIP tickets for most ceremonies we take you to assist.Great opportunity to be hired after 6 month.


Cinematographers:Great to know camera work and have a great vision.Taking videos for our red carpet events.We pay for your VIP tickets for most ceremonies we take you to assist.Great opportunity to be hired after 6 month.


Photographers:Taking participate in our events and taking photos when we need you.


Grip and Best Boy:  To set up lighting in different occasion on set


Gaffers:To set up great lighting on set on different occasion


Writing Editor :Correcting English versions of some of the works   

Screenwriters:To write amazing scripts for three features /shorts .We make films through collaborating of our winners and volunteers!You will have great chance to climb lather of success with us.


Fundraiser: To help our Festival .This position can let you earn up to 20 % commission of what you raise. 



Bartenders:Qualified or experienced bartender for our festival

Use Your Superpowers: what special skills do you have? What makes you different? What do you like to do most? It’s very possible we need you!

*If you like to help us, create great connections and learn more ,we love to have you on board. Please email us your resume and recommendation letter. Please send us an email with this subject line  "Volunteering for W.I.F.F .*



Each time three of the best volunteers will receive the letter of recommendation from our company and full two day pass to the whole Red carpet event and all free VIP Access to the whole ceremony that worth $300 .

More than that it is a great network event with a great cause you must be a part.

Please fill the form and send it for consideration.Best volunteers will be considered to be part of our hard working team and also Film company ,Mighty Vision Pictures ,INC. and part of our features films as well.

There is a lot opportunities for you!

Who gets our Grand prize?

It might be you!

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