Finding strength in our members with the common goal to pursue our dream together.
The "World Cinema Academy", is an organization in Hollywood which is open to new members who are helping each other. 
It is a community of artists to help other artists to promote and develop their talents by producing beautiful and unique works and produced by the variety of production companies such as Mighty Vision Pictures, Inc Film Studio and entering them into the magnificent WIND International Film Festival in Hollywood.

Upon finishing intensive workshops with us you will be given tremendous opportunities such as acting or a crew/ talent position in our productions. Tremendous other opportunities such as being part of big budget feature films, music videos, fashion show, beauty, talent show, film festival, reporters and more just you name it!

Some of you also will be referred to other studios to be hired in possible great positions.
We are looking for you! Open it up and tell us what you can do!



                World Cinema Academy​


The World Cinema Academy (WCA) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization supporting the advancement and recognition of the art, and motion picture industry worldwide.

WCA is also supporting female talents and people with a diverse background to have them under one umbrella to create more unity, fairness, and peace in the world. WCA will offer to its members a vast, unique resource of services such as outstanding red carpet events,  Reports, Media coverage and tremendous networking opportunities.

Film/music/dance festival, entrepreneurs, humanity and beauty awards is some of its other activities.

WCA will offer to its VVIP members, greater supports such as being involved in the film industries, scholarships, advanced Seminars, and technological supports.

Acting /filmmaking workshops for local and international talents/students and finally a stage and platform to perform and to shine is one of its main goals


Combination of expertise, well-known celebrities, Icons and teachers with inspiring talents is what WCA is about.

In summary, It helps new faces/ voices and creative people to be discovered and seen by professionals globally.















We may provide a very safe upscale dormitory in our academy in the north part of Hollywood above a beautiful hill with pool and many great facilities.You will be given the opportunity to know your fellow classmates better and build up a future networking opportunity. you are studying for your convenient.We have limited space left.For Summer classes contact us 

Depends on which package you enroll forat the end of workshops you are ready to showcase your work and step into Hollywood film productions.

We help you in Hollywood based productions!

You will be given the opportunity to meet some of the best teachers, casting directors, directors, producers and legendary actors. Meeting some of Worldwide celebrities to learn the secret of how to be the Hollywood star is something no one should miss it.

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